A multisport club is aiming to offer an all-inclusive place for people with special needs across Tendring. 

Stephen Charlton and Lee O’Kane have made it their mission to create a space for people to be active regardless of whether they are facing any sort of learning problems or disabilities. 

Coach and manager of the Harwich Bumble Bees, Lee O’Kane, will continue the project under a new name, the Ramsey Mistley Hornets Multisports. 

With the change in name, the club wants to broaden its area of influence to Clacton and take it to the next step. 

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Being a member of a club and having special needs can be challenging, as Stephen Charlton and Lee O’Kane know from experience. 

“We’ve been to so many clubs out there, but they just keep ripping people off, which is unfair. 

“And giving a lot of people the chance to meet new people, make new friends and put a smile on their faces while they have a good time, that’s what we want to do,” Mr Charlton said. 

The multisport club will give adults with special needs an opportunity to be physically active, learn new skills and try out different things, whether it is indoors or outdoors, according to the appropriate weather conditions. 

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

The football club in Mistley has been a great supporter along the way, as it has shown great trust in the Ramsey Mistley Hornets by providing the keys to the sports hall. 

As the Harwich Bumble Bees have been successful in the past, the club will focus on providing football sessions but have a range of other activities planned, too. 

To coordinate sessions and attendees, the duo will set up a chat for club members to keep everyone in the loop and be able to amend sessions in case of changes in weather or availability. 

“We want to include the members a lot more and treat them like adults, not like children. 

“We want to be more professional, and it will give everyone a chance to take part,” said Mr Charlton. 

Anyone interested in joining the team can contact Steve Charlton via phone on 07751 965277.