Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns

COLCHESTER United are knocking on the play-off places.

And with a good result at the also unbeaten Scunthorpe tomorrow, followed up by a lovely home win over Carlisle next Saturday, then they’ll surely by right in there just in time for Christmas.

It would be great to have a bumper band of U’s bodies next Saturday so please try to get your festive shopping done and your party hangovers quashed for the game.

Whatever happens at Old Trafford next Wednesday, the players are going to need our support.

So what will happen at Old Trafford? However close to the ozone layer our seats maybe, the outnumbered U’s fans will certainly make the

atmosphere in this once in a lifetime chance to see our team play the other less well known United in English football.

I am sure our lads will do us very proud and for me, the end result is secondary.

Saying that though, I have a little sneaky feeling but I am not going to share it for fear of jinxing it.

Such a sweet thought of Harry scoring the winning goal deep into “Fergie Time” and watching him climb Old Trafford to celebrate with the

fans. Who knows?

Everyone loves a last-minute winner especially Harry Pell it seems, who tested out his formerly injured hamstring with a sprint to the

touchline after scoring against Salford City so as to hug the gaffer and everyone else on the U’s bench.

He probably would have hugged every fan in the stadium had he been given the chance.

You can’t deny that the fact that after all he has gone through this past year, he truly deserved to be the man to win us the game and

secure the crucial three points last Saturday.

Whether you are a Pell fan or not and I think the vast majority of U’s supporters are, you have to love the spirit he brings to the team.

He’s a voice on the pitch which rises above any of his team-mates and although he might be a little rusty at the moment, he’ll be totally key to our promotion ambitions once 100 per cent.

What I also liked about his goal was that he got in where it hurts to score it.

At times for me the U’s do all of the hard work in building from the solid back line, move the opposition from side to side but fail when

it comes to the crunch of getting the ball into the danger area where defenders will challenge you physically.

It will come I’m sure and it’s certainly not inhibiting our fine unbeaten run in the league.

Good luck tomorrow U’s and of course next Wednesday and I wish you all safe journeys as you head to support them.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman