ANOTHER week goes by and still the lockdown continues.

At least now the streets are noticeably quiet and people are doing their bit to stay indoors and hopefully will bring a speedy and successful end to this outbreak.

On to the football and all non-league football from tiers three to six for men and three to seven for women has now been confirmed as null and void.

There will no promotion or relegation and a very fitting tweet was put out by ex-Colchester United player Dion Sembie-Ferris that read “the winners are the losers and the losers are the winners".

It hit home with me, as it does explain the implications and feelings.

Some clubs have thrown everything into promotion; it was in sight and then boom, all for nothing. I know this virus is unpredictable and unprecedented but it has had repercussions that will be felt for a fair few seasons to come.

I just hope the non-league set-up survives, remains intact and can reset, once this is all over.

One plus point has been that although there is no live games, clubs and national teams have been playing re-runs of past games.

Of course, they only show the classics and games they have won, so as a fan it is nice to relive the past success while waiting for the future classics that have yet to be played.

Now the problem with this season's outstanding games still to be played is the simple fact of when and how.

If this goes on for much longer, we will need to somehow fit in all the remaining games, plus get ready for next season.

So how to progress? There are a number of options and here are some to name a few,

1. Make the season null and void and go again come August, if that is possible.

2. Play the games behind closed doors in fairly quick succession when the lockdown gets lifted slightly.

3. Wait until it is safe and play the remaining games as normal, then shorten next season to accommodate.

Whatever the decision is, I wouldn't want to be the one making it.

With what the FA has already done with non-league it does make you wonder if they are slowly edging towards voiding, but clearly there will be massive fallout and arguments with money and European places; promotion and relegation, just to name a few issues.

Whatever happens, we need to remember to keep busy and try to exercise, while keeping an eye on each other.

If you know someone who is on their own, or stuck indoors due to being in the high risk category, why not give them a ring. It will really help and mean a lot.

Also, if you're bored try one of the many football-related challenges going around, my favourite so far is come up with a football team for every letter of your name, with no team repeated.

No matter what you are doing stay safe and we can all see this out safely.

Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's views on the U's