THERE is a strong “stick together” message emanating from the U’s this season.

The chairman quoted it this week and it has been on several of their social media posts. Quite right too in my opinion.

This season will be like any other our football club has gone through and if results do not match our expectations, it is important that everyone still remains as positive as they can be.

Survival is priority number one for the football club, and if people say that realistically all of the drama about clubs potentially folding due to the lack of financial help is just a smoke screen, then if all of the EFL clubs do get through this, which would be fantastic, then we will want the U’s to be one of the strongest survivors to help give us the advantage in future normal seasons.

Sticking together also has a far reaching meaning given the fun and games within the Premier League, FA and EFL at the moment. Project Big Picture was cannonballed but out of the wreckage the European super league has risen again.

Meanwhile, whilst the power mongers battle it out, Robbie and the good people at the U’s carry on delivering football and long for an urgent resolution to save the pyramid.

Onto the football, and I am pleased that the U’s battled to victory on Tuesday night after a sticky game at Carlisle last Saturday. Great to see Luke Norris score two but sad to see us kind of give the result away, especially after coming back into the game.

Only one defeat in seven when the U’s are not at their very best is decent, and when we do “click” for real then I can see that wins column increasing steadily.

It’s just a question of how to achieve that “click”.

Against Forest Green, I thought that the lads achieved it more in their minds than with their football. Yes, we could time tackles better and stop diving in, and yes we could do more at stopping crosses, but despite one or two areas for improvement, the U’s never stopped battling and believing that they could hold onto their lead for almost 90 minutes.

A lead given to them by the excellent movement and awareness of Noah Chilvers, a definite bright spark for the U’s.

Harrogate will be another massive test for the U’s tomorrow. They are still riding the crest of their promotion wave but at some point that wave will have to peter out against the shores of League Two, which will hopefully be on the Colchester shoreline at 3pm.

What can the U’s come up with to beat them? Personally I think Harriott plays his best football on the left.

Perhaps Jevani Brown and Luke Norris can start together again, or maybe Josh Bohui is ready for a punt? Hopefully Ben Stevenson will be back.

Lots to look forward to I think, so I hope you can all tune in and cheer them onto another three points. Good luck U’s and as always thanks to our fans for all of their support.