COLCHESTER United head coach Steve Ball admits the introduction of continuous testing will help them feel 'a lot safer'.

The U's players and staff will be tested twice weekly from next week, following a rise in Covid-19 cases among EFL clubs.

Colchester's game against Tranmere Rovers was postponed last weekend, after Covid cases in both camps.

But the U's had no further positive cases after mandatory testing took place at the JobServe Community Stadium, on Monday.

The EFL confirmed yesterday that 112 individuals tested positive for the virus among the 3,507 players and club staff from 66 clubs tested over the course of the past week.

But backed by PFA funding, clubs will now take part in twice weekly testing and U's boss Ball is glad.

Ball said: "It was always going to be a real struggle for clubs to maintain the testing.

"When we came back for the play-offs and the testing was done twice a week, it's a huge cost.

"Thankfully, the PFA have come in and helped us out, not before time probably!

"But we're now in a position where we'll feel a lot safer and we'll know instantly with the tests.

"It was really positive that we didn't have any positive tests on Monday.

"We've got through the first lot but now it'll be a continuous process, twice a week.

"We've still got a few missing and it's something that we'll have to get by with.

"The big thing last week was that both ourselves and Tranmere had positives.

"It was a really delicate position and I know our chairman took completely the right stance, with the health and safety of everybody involved.

"Now we've got through this week so far and have testing in place so we know exactly where we are now.

"It is a relief because when it happened last week, we wondered who else would be positive.

"We had a lot isolating and stuff like that but now we know, it's really good.

Colchester's game at Salford was postponed due to a frozen pitch but there have been more games called off this weekend due to Covid-19 issues for clubs.

U's boss Ball feels there should be better guidelines in place for clubs who have Covid-19 related issues to make key decisions.

Ball added: "It's really difficult and I don't think it's fair on the clubs to be put under that much pressure.

"I think there probably should be better guidance there on what you can and can't do.

"It was very much left in our court, so to speak.

"There are many people dying every day of this dreaded disease and that's all you need to know on that, as far as the safety of everybody is concerned and the right call was made, last week."