THE 50th anniversary of the U’s famous FA Cup win over Leeds United will be upon us next month and the CUSA would like to mark the occasion with the help of fans.

We would like you and your family to think back to the time surrounding the match and tells us of your memories.

Information and reports are available of the match, but we are looking for personal recollections of the build up to the day, the match and the days afterwards.

You may not even have been born at the time, however if family have passed on stories we would like you to share them please.

This may include people that were unable to attend the match for whatever reason, what part of the world they were in; did they listen to the game on the radio?

Everybody who submits a story will get a name check as we plan to send out a special newsletter devoted to the anniversary.

We would also like to include some pictures and memorabilia as well, so if you have a ticket or anything relating to the game that you would like to share, then please scan it and forward to which is also the address for your stories to be submitted to please.

The U's recent two postponements have been tough on the fans who were desperate for their own 90 minute release from the hardship of lockdown.

It’s at times like these when the real impact of football as an aid to our mental health comes to the fore.

A lot can change between now and then as we all know, but it was great to see the clean bill of health within the U’s camp following Monday’s tests.

The announcement of new twice weekly testing within the EFL is very welcomed but massively overdue in my opinion.

This season started in September with COVID still very much around, the last few months have seen many cancellations, and only now does the PFA swing into action.

If the powers that be want to keep elite football going during lockdown they have to do better to protect the players and their families.

Yet again it probably comes down to money and with that in mind I was pleased to read Robbie’s last statement when he said that the financial help was finally now starting and so therefore I am just so glad that the U’s, and others, have managed to survive until now.

And finally from me, a farewell and thank you to Luke Norris. Perhaps a Marmite sort of a player amongst the fans?

For me, he was at his best when he was facing goal, running with the ball at his feet, which was when he could use his strength and show off his shooting power. I got the impression that he was at his happiest when he was able and allowed to do this.

Let’s see who steps up to the plate for the U’s in his absence.

Thanks for your support as always and I hope that you all keeping safe and well for when football eventually gets back to normal.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman