TO coin a phrase from Mr Shakespeare, to celebrate, or not to celebrate, that is the question?

Lots of finger pointing this week aimed at footballers, especially those from the Premier League, who have been flouting the rules provided for post-goalscoring celebrations.

Many a footballer has been quoted in the past saying that the feeling of scoring a goal is better than a certain carnal pleasure. Well, unfortunately lads, it is now time for a lesson in celibacy.

Certainly until the time when this awful virus starts to get under control and definitely when the heat some have brought upon themselves for ignoring the rules on festive and new year parties has blown over.

Don’t worry though, you can still get close to your team-mates in a crowded six-yard box for a corner, or when forming a wall for a free-kick. For the time being anyway at least.

That brings me to the next question, to play, or not to play?

Great that the players union are now finally helping their members by forking out for regular testing, but is the risk still too great to carry on with football when every day there are clubs in the news who have fallen victim to outbreaks within their squads and are having to postpone games?

Every positive case is a huge step in the wrong direction so what makes football special?

Scotland have suspended most of their elite football, so should England do the same?

Personally I would not want any of the U’s players or their families to become poorly as a result of putting on a game of football, despite it being a massive boost for my mental health as a watching supporter, and probably still helping the U’s coffers to a very small degree.

So is it all about money? I would very much say yes at the top of the pyramid and I can already see the fear rising in League One and League Two should they have to cap in hand again to the football money men, in true Oliver style, asking for more money.

It took months of haggling and drama just to reach the meagre deal they got last time. Heaven knows what would happen this time.

We all love football and we all love watching the U’s. The players, even in the midst of this pandemic, probably still love their day jobs and getting out there to play and win.

There will be a risk call to be made soon though, I think. For me, this season is more about survival than success, so that when this is all over, the U’s can be in the best place possible to start afresh.

Anyway, subject to any late virus cases and any bad weather, the U’s will be hosting Cambridge tomorrow afternoon.

After our enforced break from action they will be looking to start 2021 with a bang and put behind them a poor final month of 2020.

Hopefully they have suffered no training injuries in the meantime and that one or two of the previous occupants of the physio’s bench are now fit and ready for action.

Fans will be eager to see what the plan is going forward without Luke Norris as either a starter or substitute.

I think there are a few options available to Steve Ball but I would personally be happy to see Jevani Brown leading the line again, even if there are to be some late additions to the squad during this transfer window.

Really hope that many of you without passes already will be going to sign up for iFollow coverage as it still is a vital part of the U’s income which of course still needs help despite the hand out from above.

Take care and stay safe U’s fans, and good luck tomorrow U’s!

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman