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Area 515 Fitness is a unique idea coming to Chelmsford, it is aimed fundamentally at 5-15 year old children.

The worrying Obesity levels in the UK are still rising at an alarming rate, plus the growing interest from young people to excel in sports and the increased fitness and physicality in todays sports made me set up Area 515 Fitness.


Just playing sports does not prepare our kids enough these days, as they are not as robust as they used to be from free play. My vision is to improve Fundamental Movements, Strength and Physical Literacy. Our aim is to make individuals and teams Fitter, Faster and Stronger than they have ever been.


We offer children aged 5 to 15 - Youth Strength & Conditioning, Youth Speed & Agility, Linear and Multi Directional Quickness, Flexibility, and improving Movement Skills (which is the interplay between Coordination, Balance and Mobility)


We start by offering Sport Teams an hours session of up to 30 kids (negotiable) for a designated 6 week plan. We start with Dynamic warm up then a 10 station planned circuit followed by games and cooldown.


Our next venture will be Individual classes of up to 30 children. This will be for 1 hour session per age group, on a Monday, starting soon. There will be 3 age groups .. 5-8 .. 8-12 and 12-15. Each age group experiences more dynamic and intense training schedules as they progress.


Additionally we will be looking to start After school clubs where we will be targeting year groups of up to 20/30 kids per session. These will be much more game based and Fun. We like to call it STEALTH HEALTH because the children enjoy themselves so much, they dont realise they are working out !!


Any questions, please dont hesitate to ask .. info@area515.co.uk


Areas served: Chelmsford, Dunmow, Harwich.

Categories: Children's Services, Health & Fitness, Leisure Activities, Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs, Youth Clubs

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