AN animal lover has called for traffic calming measures on a busy Mistley road after the death toll of swans reached five since Christmas Careless motorists have been blamed for killing the birds in hit-and-run collisions along The Walls.

The latest casualty was found by Alex Smith from Swanwatch while she was walking her dog along The Walls on Tuesday.

“This one was still warm when I found it so was hit in the early hours of the morning when there is not much traffic and there is not much need to rush,” said Mrs Smith.

Mistley parish councillor Ian Tucker believes traffic calming measures should be introduced to stop motorists speeding and hitting the birds.

“I think speed bumps would be a way to ensure people kept to the limit or have vehicle activated signs to ensure cars slow down.

“Some drivers are very inconsiderate of the swans and lots want them out the way and are not prepared to wait for them to move on, they are just concerned about getting from one place to another.”