TOWN and village leaders will team up to demand action on a “dangerous” piece of road that is falling apart.

Harwich Town Council and Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council will join forces to petition for improvements to the A120 between the Parkeston and Ramsey roundabouts.

Councillors claim potholes and cracks in the road are putting drivers’ safety at risk.

Ramsey and Parkeston Council chairman, George Elmer, said: “The more people we get together the stronger the support will be.

“Between the Parkeston roundabout and the Ramsey roundabout there are some potholes and it also looks as if it is cracking up all along that section of road."

Highways Agency Spokesman said: “Safety is our top priority. The Highways Agency and its contractors have a comprehensive road inspection and maintenance programme and we work hard to keep our roads in a safe and serviceable condition."