A PUB landlord who battled venomous snakes and dodged giant boulders while taking part in an extreme race will star in a TV show later this month.

Viewers will see how Nick May, of Harwich’s Alma Inn, fared in the Texas Water Safari challenge section of Channel 5’s Go Hard or Go Home show.

Nick, 44, agreed to take part in the challenge after responding to a Tweet from the show’s producers looking for portly licensees.

Along with two other Essex landlords he spent two days negotiating winding river rapids in 40 degree heat in what has been described as the world’s toughest canoe race.

The Texas Water Safari is a 260-mile canoe race which the landlords tackled in two-man canoes.

Nick said: “I accepted the challenge with no idea what was in store. It was tough at times, but pushing myself to give everything I had left me with an incredible sense of achievement.”