THE future of iconic swans could be in danger if new volunteers do not come forward to take over an “essential” feeding programme.

Alex Smith, who started Swanwatch in Mistley nearly 20 years ago, will call it a day at the end of April.

Mrs Smith feeds the swans every day and looks after the birds when they are injured but she feels it is time for a team of people to step in.

“We need a team of volunteers and I would be more than happy to show them the ropes.

“There are lots of things I still want to do, I have kept journals over the years and want to write a book about my experiences but for that you need some thinking time,” she said.

“I have proved that it can be done by one person, although it might be time for a team of volunteers could do the job.

“It has been a long struggle to get things organised with fundraising. It has been hard work but now it is established.

Mrs Smith believes the future could be in the balance but is hopeful a new group will mean the swans stay for many more generations.