A TAPESTRY which took five years to make is one step closer to being rehomed after it was awarded a grant.

The Millennium Embroideries, which depicts 1,000 years in Harwich, was removed from the walls of Harwich International Port in early 2012.

The 30ft display of 15 tapestries, worth £10,000, took ten people to build and it is hoped it will now be placed in Harwich and Dovercourt High School’s Lighthouse Building.

So far the Harwich and Dovercourt Embroideries Trust has raised £2,000  for new casings with the help of a £1,000 grant from Harwich Town Council.

Robert Day, chair of the Finance and General Purposes committee, said: “The members of the committee were all agreed that it would be great for this fantastic piece of work to have a permanent new home and were delighted that Harwich Town Council could ensure this happened."