A BRAVE businessman managed to ward off a brazen would-be burglar after his office suffered a break-in.

Kevin Frith, owner of Compass Estate Agents, in Kingsway, Dovercourt heard a loud noise when he was in the flat above his workplace at 7.15pm on Friday.

After going downstairs to investigate he found a glass pane in the door had been shattered and a man ransacking drawers while two others lurked outside.

“I came down through the back door we have from the upstairs flat and saw someone rifling around,” said Mr Frith.

“It was all over in a flash but I shouted something at him and he ran off, jumping through the hole in the door and taking some more of the glass with him.

“Fortunately we do not keep anything of value there so they did not get away with anything.”

Anyone with any information should contact Harwich police on 101.