HARWICH, Tendring and Essex County councillor Ivan Henderson has backed the new regeneration plans put forward by Tendring Council leader Mick Page last week.

But he believes the opportunities in the renewable energy sector need to be taken up urgently.

“This is a very positive message and hopefully it will get to the right places that Harwich does mean business," Mr Henderson said.

“Bathside Bay is not going to be used for what it was originally planned to for a long time and is now land which is standing idle and needs to be put to good use.

“Tendring Council’s economic strategy outlined that this is the future for Harwich and we need to make the best use of these opportunities.”

Mr Henderson also supported the decision to employ a dedicated member of staff to focus on the town.

“The officer needs to work with the public and businesses to offer support to all parties which could possibly benefit from renewable energy opportunities," he added.