DRIVERS have hit out at petrol stations for charging more than 3p per litre more in Harwich and other parts of Tendring than they do in Colchester.

Consumer watchdog revealed the cheapest unleaded petrol in Harwich is 129.9p compared with 126.7p per litre at Asda in Colchester.

Chairman of Tendring District Taxi Association John Hones believes drivers are being punished by their location and having to pay out much more than their counterparts elsewhere.

“There needs to be real competition between the petrol stations.

“If you can you try to fill up when you are in Colchester, but it is not always possible.

“Taxi drivers who work on commission only have to fill the tank back up and they are being hurt by high prices – it’s only a few quid a day, but it quickly adds up.”

Harwich MP Bernard Jenkin plans on writing to the Competition Commission over petrol prices in the area calling on the independent public body to ensure there is real competition between retailers.