RELIEVED councillors are celebrating after work on a “disaster area” car park was finally completed.

The site in School Lane, Lawford has been considered unsafe for several years due to the uneven concrete and a number of potholes.

Last year’s harsh winter particularly affected the area, but it has now been resurfaced.

Lawford Parish Councillor Julie Langstone said: “We are delighted with the results of the work and now is now a car park fit to be used by everyone who want to go on the playing fields, whether it be to play football or use the beautiful swings.

“It will also now be secure at night so nobody can park illegally.

“Beforehand it was a disaster area because there was not enough space and it was all churned up.”

The council obtained a £14,000 grant from the Community Initiative Fund of Essex County Council and another from Awards For All worth £4,500.

The car park will now be open from 8am until 9pm.