HUNDREDS of campaigners flooded the streets in protest over the sudden closure of two maternity units.

More than 350 people marched from Cliff Park in Dovercourt to the Fryatt Hospital to lobby against the decision by Colchester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to shut down maternity units in Harwich and Clacton two weeks ago.

Traffic came to a standstill as the community came together and organisers Jenny Semple and Helen Gardner were overwhelmed by the support.

“The town has a history of coming together when we need it but it is still amazing every time it happens,” said Helen.

“The march has been so much bigger than I thought it would be.

“It is a very short-sighted decision to close the units and I get the feeling they thought it could be done without any backlash but this proves Harwich and Clacton are united to try and keep it open.”

Jenny Semple added: “I am just amazed at how many people have turned out and how much support there has been.

“I would like to give a special thank you to the police force who have allowed us to do this and especially Insp Chris Willis who has been incredibly supportive.”

James Cole and Charlie Armour-Dow led the march playing bagpipes and the crowd voiced their displeasure by chanting ‘No more cuts’, ‘Save our unit’, and ‘We don’t trust the Trust’.