WAXING, a head shave, a chocolate ban and a charity run are all on the cards for a group of committed fundraisers.

The team, known as Heaven Scent, are a group from Harwich and Colchester that have all lost friends and family to cancer.

Now, to raise awareness and money to help fight the disease, they have come together to take part in a series of challenges.

The first charity event, on Sunday at Morrisons supermarket in Iconsfield Park at 1pm, will see Tasha Baker have her head shaved.

The hair loss continues on July 1 at G and T Stylists in Dovercourt when Kathryn's husband, Matt, will undergo an intimate waxing of private body parts.

Friend Tim White will be braving the beautician's chair to have his chest waxed, and Daniel Farthing will be having his legs waxed.

Chocolate lover Kathryn, who pledged to give up her favourite treat for six months, said the team of 12 will be joining together to take part in the Relay for Life event in Clacton on July 5.

To donate to the charity group, who have raised more than £1,000 for Cancer Research to date, search for Heaven Scent on the website relay.cancerresearchuk.org