A LONG-SERVING member of ambulance staff is swapping his green uniform for gardener’s gloves after more than 30 years in the service.

Trevor Redburn, of Larksfield Crescent in Dovercourt, joined the ambulance service 33 years ago and celebrated his retirement with a party at the Tower Hotel last Saturday.

He was presented with an East of England Service NHS Trust plaque as well as other gifts from colleagues, family and friends.

Mr Redburn is a keen gardener and will also be spending more time with wife Diane and his children Harry and Ellie aged 12 and 13.

After starting as a patient transport service driver in 1980, Mr Redburn was one of the county’s first 12 paramedics and since 1991 has served in various senior management roles including leading projects by the Patient Experience Team.

“I count myself lucky to have met many great people across the years, including many brave patients,” he said.