A NEW bus timetable could make it impossible for people to make morning appointments, a councillor has claimed.

First brought in changes to the 103 and 104 bus services at the end of June in a bid to improve the service for passengers.

But councillors are concerned the timetable change means passengers may miss 9am appointments in Manningtree as there is more than an hour between buses from Rigby Avenue in Mistley in the morning.

Councillor Iris Peacock told a Mistley Parish Council meeting on Monday many people did not know thebus times had changed due to a lack of paper timetables.

She said: “The first bus after the 8.04 is the 9.15am – if you have got a meeting at 9am you haven’t got a hope in getting there.”

A First spokesman said: "Our 103/104 timetable changed on June 29 and we added an extra bus to the service to improve the frequency."