DEEDS dating back more than 300 years are being sold off to raise cash for a major history and tourism project.

Collector Tony Colbourne has a selection of paperwork from the 1600s detailing the sale of some Harwich houses, as well as the occupants at the time.

But he is looking for a buyer for the piece of local history to help raise money for the town’s Mayflower Project, which will see a replica of the 1620s pilgrim ship built and sailed across to America.

He said: “They are old deeds dating back to 1634 with the original sealing wax.

“I did speak to someone in the United States who offered me £350 for them, but I’d really like them to stay local as they are of historic value.

“If someone wanted to offer me £250 for them that would be great, and I will donate that money to the Mayflower Project.”

The deeds include information relating to historic properties in King’s Head Street and Cow Lane as well as the will of a vicar who left his gold watch to the son of the house and a woman who left diamond jewellery to the daughter.

Anyone interested in buying the deeds can call the Mayflower Project on 01255 318 023.