A GROUND-BREAKING village housing scheme hailed as “almshouses for the modern age” has been launched to help struggling Lawford residents get on the property ladder.

As part of the new Lawford Park development on land off Cox’s Hill, eight homes will be rented to local people.

Money from their monthly payments will then be set aside and when their set tenancy ends it will be returned in a lump sum to use as a deposit to buy their own home.

Alan Coley, Lawford Parish Council chairman and Tendring councillor for the village, said: “This is an extremely innovative scheme - a scheme to be proud of.

“As they will never be owned by a local authority or a housing association they will never be lost through the Right-to Buy scheme."

The Lawford Housing Enterprise Trust will involve parish and district councillors, as well as developer Rose Builders.

Members will choose who gets to stay in the two-bed homes, which will be managed by Tendring Council.

A detailed planning application has now been submitted to Tendring Council for the 150 homes at Dale Hall.