MANNINGTREE’S regatta has been running for more than a century with only a break for the World Wars.

The first chronicled regatta was held on August 17 1912 but at the time was called a water carnival.

It saw boats cover a course which started at Coke Quay in Mistley, then to Stutton before finishing in front of spectators in front of hundreds of spectators in Manningtree.

At the time swimming races were also a big part of the water carnival and would continue to be at all the carnivals until 1950.

In 1912 there was also water tilting, the greasy pole, tub race and open punt race.

By 1914 the name of the event was changed to Manningtree Regatta but over the coming years it’s name would vary.

During the intermittent years between then and 1933 there was a lapse in regatta events but the annual spectacular was revived in 1933.

The Stour Sailing Club became involved with organisation of the event during the 1930s and continues to run the event to this day.

The sailing club’s commodore David Warner said: “The club was founded in 1936 but we know there was racing before that in 1933."

He added: “The event is always good. The club has been going a long time and I have been lucky enough to be commodore for two and a half hears.

“We hope the success is going to continue for many, many more years to come and we hope we have a successful regatta this year.”