A TEENAGER has died after her car crashed in a rural road.

Emergency services were called to Brickman’s Hill, in Harwich Road, between Bradfield and Mistley, on Monday at 7.25pm.

Fire crews cut the driver out of her Fiat 500 but she died at the scene.

Two male passengers who were in the vehicle, aged 19 and 23, suffered minor injuries.

The road was closed until just after 1am yesterday while emergency services were on the scene and forensic examination work was carried out.

The woman has not been named but floral tributes had been left at the scene yesterday.

Retired resident Grace Kingswell, of Station Road, said she has lived near to the accident blackspot for 40 years.

She said: “I was with my friend on Monday night and we did not hear a crash, all we heard later on were sirens and hoped that nobody had been hurt. So it is terrible to hear what has happened to that young woman.

“I have lived on this road for decades and there have been so many awful accidents.”

Mrs Kingswell said a car has crashed through her front fence and on to her front garden and she also remembered helping a driver who was in a bad car accident near to her home.

She said: “This most recent accident happened on such a dangerous corner and it is not the first time that someone has been killed there.

“The Brickman’s Hill bridge has been crushed down in car accidents and repaired countless times but accidents still continue to happen there.

“I wrote to the council three years ago complaining about that stretch of winding road and I never got a response back.

"It is such a dangerous corner and the speed limit on the road needs to be changed, or something needs to be done.”

Mark Cole, chairman of Colchester and District Driving Instructors Association, has previously called for action to improve the bridge.

He discovered £62,000 has been spent on repairing the bridge as a result of 11 incidents over the past eight years.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “We will fully investigate the collision in conjunction with our colleagues at Essex Police.”