A CLOGGED creek has been cleared and revived after weed growth reached a point where it was harming the fish population.

Ramsey Creek was cleared by the a team of experts after the channel became blocked by excess amounts of weeds and reeds.

For the clearing, which took place between June 15 and June 30, the Environment Agency’s contractors Land and Water used specialised amphibious weed removal machinery.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

  • The creek before the clear-out

The design of the machinery minimises the impact on marine life which could occur if the work was done with a boat.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said the work was carried out because the weed growth in sections of the watercourse had reached a point where it was harming the fish population and needed to be removed.

She said: “It’s part of a two year scheme on the river to control both natural vegetation and invasive pennywort to help the river’s ecology and manage the flood risk to properties along the river. The work is being carried out from our pumping station next to the port upstream through the golf course area.”

She added: “The recent stage of the clearance through the golf course area has been excellent, its opened up the water for both ecology and recreation.”

A Harwich Anglian Club spokesman praised the Environment Agency for their commitment to rejuvenate the river.

He said: “These fantastic machines have been able to clear over a mile of river in a matter of days.

“Our members have been struggling to keep up with weed clearance so the Environment Agency has thrown us a lifeline and now the river looks brilliant.”

He said some restocking of fish is also being undertaken to further improve the river.

Further clearance work to cut the reeds in the area near to Morrisons is planned to start in the autumn after the bird nesting season is over.