A CORDONED off kerb is putting lives at risk by forcing disabled residents to drive their mobility scooters into a road, it has been claimed.

Bob Davidson, of Garland Road, Parkeston, said wheelchair and mobility scooter users, as well as pedestrians, are having to walk into a road with two-way traffic to get around a crumbling kerb.

The defective kerb, on the corner of Garland Road and Parkeston Road has been cordoned off since July, and since then no action has been taken to repair the area.

Mr Davidson, who is also chairman of Parkeston Residents’ Association, said he recently saw a woman slip over and hurt herself while trying to get around the bend.

He said he first reported the broken kerb on July 11 and Essex Highways have only cordoned off the area since then.

He said: “I am speaking on behalf of the Parkeston Residents’ Association because if someone has a wheelchair, or mobility scooter, they will have to go on the road – there is no alternative. Even if you are a pedestrian, you cannot walk over it.”

Mr Davidson said his neighbour Sid Jordan, who uses a mobility scooter, lives near the corner and has to drive into the road to get around the area.

He added: “Recently a lady fell over and hurt herself and there is traffic coming in both directions which is dangerous.

“The statutory time for repair work is three months and it is a disgrace that people have to go into the road.

“What worries me is if someone else gets hurt. It is becoming dangerous and we have all waited long enough for it to be repaired.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “A permanent repair will be carried out within the next two weeks.

“We apologise for the delay but works could not start until we knew which utilities run under the pavement.”