MP Giles Watling has called for a hard line to be taken against arsonists who torched beach huts in Walton twice in less than 72 hours.

Firefighters were called to Seaview Heights just before 5pm on Sunday in the latest attack, which saw three beach huts destroyed.

The attack happened just three days after two beach huts were destroyed by fire at the same site.

In October, four beach huts were destroyed by flames in Walton and huts in Frinton have been targeted by vandals.

Mr Watling said: “There should be zero tolerance to those that carry out acts of mindless violence. The police and fire authority have my full support in identifying and dealing with those responsible for these incidents.

“Not only are these incidents destructive, they are also extremely dangerous and I encourage beach hut owners to follow the advice given, remove any gas canisters from your beach hut and ensure its security when it is not in use.

“If anyone has any information they feel will be useful to the investigation, please contact the police immediately.

“It is vital that so called low-level anti-social behaviour is dealt with, because if these louts think they are getting away with it, they then go on to escalate their bad behaviour.”

Brigade spokesman Nick Singleton added: “These deliberate acts of destruction are frustrating for all involved.

"We advise all beach hut owners to remove gas cylinders over the winter months.

“We also encourage owners to purchase and fix heavy-duty storm doors to act as a deterrent to anyone trying to gain access.”

Tendring Council and police are organising a meeting with beach hut associations on December 7 to discuss what action can be taken.