A COUNCIL dog warden has been praised for going to the aid of a severeley injured deer after it was attacked by a dog.

Adam McGoldrick had finished his day’s work and was driving home along the A120 near Harwich on Wednesday evening when he was flagged down by a group of people.

The muntjac deer had suffered a number of puncture wounds and was in a great deal of distress following the attack by a German Shepherd in a field opposite Bathside Bay.

“The first I realised that something was wrong was when a group of men and women with dogs waved me down at the side of the road,” said Adam.

“They told me that they had seen the dog running around after the deer and challenged the owner who said it was just playing.

“But then the German Shepherd got hold of the deer and caused a number of serious injuries and puncture wounds.”

Adam was told the owner of the dog ran off with his pet and two youngsters held the deer and tried to calm it down.

“I was informed the RSPCA were on their way but could take around 45 minutes to arrive and the deer was clearly suffering a great deal,” he added.

“I contacted Kinfauns vets in Harwich as the nearest surgery and they asked me to bring it in. We loaded the deer into my van but it was so badly injured the vet had to put it to sleep.”

Adam said that it would be up to the Police and RSPCA to take action against the dog owner for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal - if the owner could be traced.