A PHOTOGRAPHER from Manningtree is holding his latest exhibition inspired by his love for his hometown. 

Taz Brotherton has been a professional photographer for the last six years.

His second exhibition, titled “Manningtree or Anywhere” will be taking place at NaviStitch in Manningtree High Street.

Known as "TazzyBro" when taking pictures, he was inspired to pick up the camera by his grandfather, who also lived in Manningtree.

Taz held his first photography exhibition, "It's On Your Doorstep", last year.

Much like Manningtree or Anywhere, it took place in NaviStich and Taz visited the store to speak to the attendees at the exhibition.

It's On Your Doorstep entailed six first-edition fine art prints with custom handmade frames and certificates signed by Taz.

Manningtree or Anywhere will run from Wednesday, November 1 to Saturday, November 11.

Taz said: “I’m really passionate about Manningtree.

“All my family are around here.

“I never set out to make it my job, as a photographer.

“I posted images online years ago of Manningtree and the surrounding area.

“They got attention on social media platforms - it gave me a confidence boost to go out and experiment with my camera.”

He added: “In 2020, I had quite a collection and released a calendar showcasing images throughout the year.

“It went down really, really well.

“This exhibition is showcasing work mainly focusing on the last year.

“It’s based around Manningtree and here, there and everywhere, really.”

Manningtree or Anywhere will be a family affair for Taz as his father, an artist who uses the name “Mattréss”, will also be displaying work at NaviStitch on the same dates.

Taz wrote on social media: “You may have already heard the news but I'm delighted to announce that my Dad will be exhibiting his abstract artwork in the room next door to mine at NaviStitch on the same dates.

“My Dad is a creative mastermind and has been a huge inspiration to me and my creativity over the years, so pop in and have a look at some of his bizarrely beautiful paintings.”

For more information on Taz and the services he provides visit tazzybrophotography.com.