SCHOOLCHILDREN, charities, runners, cyclists, and even horse riders were awarded certificates and trophies for taking part in the record-breaking Beat the Street.

The top players in Harwich’s free six-week game were invited to an awards ceremony on Friday at the Dovercourt and Harwich Hub where they were given cash prizes.

Beat the Street turns towns into giant games, given residents the chance to earn points, win prizes and discover more about the area by walking, running and cycling. 

Game co-ordinator and Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST) physical activity co-ordinator Becky Dowling, said: “We hit our target of players within hours of the first day – a first for the Beat the Street game in the UK.

“We had more than 4,700 people playing, which was amazing, and our top tappers really got competitive racing for first place.”

Beck Dowling added: “It put a smile on my face to see our top scorers given trophies by the Harwich Mayor Maria Fowler, and to give them a cash prize for being so active.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Winners - Harwich's 'Beat the Street' winners Winners - Harwich's 'Beat the Street' winners (Image: Steve Brading)

The top-scoring school for overall points was Chase Lane Primary, and for average points, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary.

First place in the community and workplace team’s leaderboard for overall points was Harwich Runners, and for average points, Girlguiding Harwich.

The small team winner was Jesus Loves You, comprised of Gary Munro and his son Thomas, and the charity team winner was Harwich Homestart.

The individual with the most gems in the game was Ben Cook, and the player with most points - a Beat the Street record-breaking amount of 102,430 points - was Herb Love (Gary Munro).

Gary said: “I started the game a little bit late.

“It started as a bit of fun and it evolved into getting my son Thomas involved to bond and have an adventure, and it just went on - I got consumed by it.

“It was so enriching, my fitness has gone through the roof and my mental wellbeing is a lot better too.

“I wasn’t doing a huge amount – I’ve always like to be active, but I was in a bit of a lull and Beat the Street came at the perfect time and it took off.

“I did so much cycling and running it was amazing.”

Beat the Street players can now go on to enjoy the next community game, starting on May 13 called Street Tag.